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  A true collectors' item - the "Bye-bye-Mirage III"-DVD

50 minutes of pure aviation history and extreme flying spectacle. The supersonic triangle, its power and beauty seen from exceptional perspectives. A beautiful slide show and three dynamic videos.

-   The slideshow with 100 historic photographs of the CD-ROM, is 18mins long. It runs with appropriate dynamic background music.
-   "Mirage-introduction by the Swiss Air Force in 1967" is the 20 minutes long Video which shows the pilot training of 40 years ago.
-   A video-clip of approximately 2mins duration spectacularly demonstrates the Mirage IIIRS at very low level while practicing reconaissance missions.
-   The third video, "Mirage IIIS", was produced at the end of the Mirage fighter aircraft career. Never before has the agility and power of the Mirage been shown more convincingly. The video creates the perfect symbiosis between powerful technology and the beauty of flight over a stunning alpine landscape.

Click here for three short sequences from the slideshow and videos of the DVD.

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